• Milano, Corso Buenos Aires

    Corso Buenos Aires is a shopping hub

    which will accompany you straight to the city center.

  • Milano, Corso Buenos Aires

    Clothing and shoes and food and books

    are available all along the Corso, often at reasonable prices.

  • Milano, Porta Venezia

    From Porta Venezia, the Giardini

    provide the most central greenery available in town.

  • Milano, Via Marcello Malpighi

    An Art Nouveau majolica piece of art

    is found in Via Marcello Malpighi. But which sort of building was that?

  • Milano, Piazza Lima

    BikeMI, the public bikes service,

    provides two parking lots very close to 9 Donatello.

9 Donatello is very close to Corso Buenos Aires, one of the liveliest commercial districts in Milan.

You don't need any public transport to get there. Just walk (and pass the famous Pizzeria Spontini on your way).

A list of recommended shops along Corso Buenos Aires can be found at our CiaoMilano website.

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