• Milano, Duomo

    The Duomo, Newborn Mary's cathedral,

    is still the umbilicus of Milan.

  • Milano, Piazza Duomo

    Piazza Duomo, the main square in town,

    has become multicultural.

  • Milano, Duomo from the Museo del Novecento

    Catch a glimpse of the Cathedral

    from the Museo del Novecento.

  • Milano, Monte Napoleone

    Monte Napoleone, the fashion's heart

    is a short walk from the Duomo.

  • Milano, BikeMi

    All these memorable places

    can be reached by public bike.

9 Donatello is 4 subway stops from the Duomo, Milan's Cathedral and one of the largest Gothic churches in the world.

Piazza Duomo is the town's main square, on which the Museo del Novecento provides panoramic glimpses. The Monte Napoleone fashion district is nearby.

If you like taking a walk on a nice day, a stroll to the Duomo from 9 Donatello will take you through gardens, historic buildings, a planetarium, and - obviously - exclusive shops.

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